Monthly Archives: March 2020

Coronavirus: Leading with Courage Through the Crisis

How do great leaders lead through a crisis?  What do you do when the crisis hits everyone and you’re not sure when it will end?  How do we lead through Coronavirus?

There are three things people need from their leaders during a crisis.  Now is not the time to tuck tail and hide.  Now is the time for real leaders to stand up and LEAD!  Take a listen as Andrea Oden shares how to lead through troubling times of uncertainty.

Integrity – It’s The Fire to Your Leadership

Integrity ignites the fire to your leadership!  Does your organization have integrity?  Do you have integrity?  Learn the definition of leadership integrity and the next characteristic to being the kind of leader worth following!


Becoming a Leader with Clarity

The best leaders know how to establish clarity in any room.  They can be counted on to make sure everyone is clear on 3 things: Why, How and Who!

Listen to the latest episode of Monday Evening Mentor as Coach Andrea Oden discusses growing your level of influence through clarity!


The Characteristics of a Leader

Why is it that some people will follow us over a cliff while others wouldn’t follow us if their lives depended on it?  This episode of Monday Evening Mentor is about the Characteristics of a Leader.  There are 7 characteristics that the best leaders have.  Master these 7 characteristics and you’ll have the ability to influence people at every level!