Monthly Archives: January 2020

The Answers From the Mirror

What did you learn from the Mirror Principle?  This week we continue our discussion on the Mirror Principle. Coach Andrea O shares what she learned taking an honest look in the mirror. This is honesty you won’t get from most leaders.  But then again, Coach Andrea O is not most leaders.  She’s your Monday Evening Mentor!

Take a listen and discover the answers to the questions from the Mirror Principle!

What’s Your 2020 Career Vision? Look in the Mirror!

What’s your visions for your career in 2020?  Your vision starts with you.  Creating a plan for growth and development in 2020 begins with you taking an honest and hard look at yourself.  Look in the mirror and ask yourself 4 questions!

In this episode Transformational Leadership Coach, Andrea Oden give you 4 questions to answer as you begin creating a vision for your career growth.  Your next promotion starts with these 4 questions!